About us

Our group initially formed in 2015. We held our first meeting on Sept 29, 2015 and together we raised a significant amount of money for helping out our first local charity, The Mississauga Food Bank. Since then we've only gained momentum, making a big impact on several charities in the Peel region plus increasing our membership and total contributions along the way. If this looks like something you want to be a part of then join us today!

How we work

  • Each member commits to donating $100 per event, four times a year. We ask for a minimum one year commitment form.
  • Events are conducted in approximately one hour.
  • Any attending member may nominate a charity for consideration at an event. Click here for more details.
  • Three eligible charities will be randomly selected at the meeting to be voted on.
  • Each member that nominated one of the three selected charities will make a brief, informal presentation about the organization to the group. Click here for guidance on what to cover.
  • Each member in attendance will then vote for one of the three charities. The charity with the most votes will be the recipient charity.
  • Each member will write a cheque for $100 to the recipient charity for a total group donation of $10,000 or more.
  • Members who did not vote for the selected organization agree to make their donation regardless. Members can, of course, feel free to donate their money or time privately to the other two charities if they wish.
  • Members will receive a tax receipt directly from the charity in due course.
  • Members who are unable to attend an event are expected to give their cheque to another member to deliver on his behalf or email us at 100peoplewhocarenow@gmail.com to make other arrangements.
  • Charities under consideration must serve Peel and provide individual tax receipts directly to contributing the members.
  • A charity not selected at one meeting may be submitted again at a subsequent meeting.
  • A winning charity is not eligible for future consideration but the nominating member may submit the name of another charity.
  • The recipient charity must agree not to give out member information to any third parties except for tax purposes.

If you join, we ask you to commit to a one year term.

If you do want to leave, that is no problem but please send us an email to 100peoplewhocarenow@gmail.com so we can update our list of active members, which is used to plan events and for communicating with our members.

  • meet.
  • network.
  • vote.
  • donate.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you would like to become a member, please go to JOIN US and complete the registration form or bring it with you to the meeting.
Events will take approximately one hour. We aim to start at 7pm and should be done by 8pm. There is time for drink before, during and after the formal part of each meeting.
  • Sign-in at the registration desk upon arrival (Registration opens at 6:00pm, event begins at 7pm)
  • Opening remarks & update from the previous event’s recipient charity
  • Draw the three charity finalists for the event
  • Each nominating member of a charity finalist makes a brief, informal presentation (see tip sheet for what to cover here)
  • Voting on three charity finalists and ballot tabulation of winner (by simple majority)
  • Announce the winning recipient charity
  • Group photograph with the big cheque
Yes, by the charity chosen to be the recipient. Your $100 cheque is written directly to the charity, NOT to “100 People Who Care Peel” (because we don’t have a bank account or a treasurer). Tax receipts will be issued to you directly by the charity.
If a member cannot attend a quarterly event, he should place his blank $100 cheque in an envelope marked “100 People Who Care Peel” and give it to a fellow member who will be going to the meeting. If this doesn’t work for you, please email us at 100peoplewhocarenow@gmail.com and we can make other arrangements.
Nope, because we want to see you at our meetings to cast your vote.
You can always donate more to a charity separately on your own but for the purposes of 100 People Who Care Peel, we make one big donation as a group. To make a big impact we want to give $10,000+ dollars.
Nope, more than 100 are welcome. In fact, we would be thrilled to have more than 100 members.
Sure, but they have to register and join as a member by seconde meeting at the door.
Our website will have the most up to date info at all times. We will also email the group periodically with updates as well as use social media like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. You may wish to add 100peoplewhocarenow@gmail.com to your address book to avoid having our emails go into your spam folder. If you change your email address, please let us know. Should you wish to discontinue membership at any time, please send an e-mail to the above address indicating your withdrawal.
Your personal information (including name, email, address, phone number) is collected strictly for the purpose of tax receipts and keeping in contact with you. 100 People Who Care Peel will not sell, give or otherwise share your personal information with any third party without your express consent, unless required to do so by law. We may occasionally recognize our members via social media and other media.


When you arrive at the meeting, you can nominate a charity by completing a nomination form (see requirements here). Nominating a charity is not mandatory. Three charities will be randomly selected from all those submitted. The members who nominated each of the selected charities will then give a brief 3 minute presentation at the meeting (see tips on what to cover here). We then vote to select the recipient charity.
Any local, registered charity serving Mississauga that can issue individual tax receipts is eligible. Click here to verify the charitable status of an organization (according to CRA).
No, charities may only be nominated by a member. Our members are not just interested in nominating and donating – they want to learn about local causes. They may want to volunteer, sponsor or serve on a board or committee. They may even become a regular donor or benefactor.
A charity can be nominated at each meeting as long is has not been a recipient of the group’s donation in the past. Once the charity has been selected, it will not be put up for reconsideration for another 3 years. This will allow other charities the chance to get selected. A charity may also be nominated more than once by different members at each meeting, giving it a greater chance of being presented.

Other Questions?

You can e-mail them to us.

Presentation tips

We have seen many different presentations. The most effective presentation is one that is informal and simple. The more information you can provide is great but remember you only have 5 minutes. A personal story and reason why the charity is important to you makes a great impact.

Here is a list of topics that you should be prepared to discuss:

  • What is the name of the organization?
  • Where is the organization located?
  • What is the mission of the organization?
  • What purpose does the organization serve? (who are they? what do they do? how do they do it?)
  • How would the organization benefit from receiving the donation?
  • How will the funds be used?
  • What other sources of funding does the organization have (i.e. how needy is the organization)?
  • Can they issue tax receipts?
  • If chosen, to whom would the group make a check payable to?
  • Describe your personal interactions with the organization or how you learned of the organization.

Nominate a Charity

Nominating online

You can use our online form to nominate a charity. Click here to view the form.

Nominating on-site

You can also nominate a charity by doing it in-person while attending one of our meetings. Charity must be registered and able to issue tax receipts. Be sure to give us the organization's name, address and information regarding how the donations would be spent.